Friday, 5 May 2017

Top 7 Most Haunted Places in the World 2017

 No matter wherever you go throughout the world, you will hear ghost stories. Nobody knows what will happen after death, especially with departed souls. Hollywood film industry has made several films on supernatural activities that took place in several centuries and places. Irrespective of the time period or society, paranormal remains in the mind of the people. Many places of the world are haunted and cannot be explained with realistic views.
Let us have a look at some of the most haunted places in the world:

Banff Springs hotel, Alberta, Canada
Several spirits are supposed to dwell in this hotel. Some of them are kindly and others are frightening. The visitors see a spirit of a former bellman regularly to help with luggage of the guests. Other visitors notice a bride dancing in the ballroom and also the ghosts of a murdered family.

The tower of London, England
This royal palace has had some paranormal activities. Ghosts are seen here include headless shadow of Anne Boleyn, Lay Jane Grey and two princes.  It is believed that they were murdered by their uncle, Richard III in 1483.

Edinburgh castle, Scotland
It is believed that this castle is a place of human activity in Iron Age and the place still contains some supernatural inhabitants. Visitors have reported about former servants, a drummer boy without his head and a man who is found perished in the tunnels of the castle.

Chateau de Brissac, France
During 11th century, this castle becomes a horrible place for double murder. It makes the castle a haunted place by the existence of a lady in green. The visitors reported that the lady is wearing green attire with a face of rotting corpse. She moans and wanders through the castle.

Akershus castle, Norway
This castle was used as a prison and many executions took place here. Many supernatural are found in this place. The horrible things took place in this castle are a woman and a demonic dog who faced traumatic death.

Highgate cemetery, England
This cemetery was established in 1839 and becomes the resting place for more than 170000 people. The site has been reported as a place for several supernatural activities. The Highgate Vampire, a tall man in a long and dark coat and hat is reported to stay here with a terrifying gaze. Other ghosts include several dark figures with glowing eyes and an old woman who wanders through the graves looking for the kids she have murdered.

The forbidden city, China
This is one of the impressive imperial sites that are renowned for murders over the years. Murders include calculated assassinations to several passionate crimes. Many tourists, staffs and guards have reported the existence of the ghosts in this place.

McMenamin’s white eagle saloon, United States of America
This century old bar and hotel includes physical effects of supernaturally. Many guests have told that they cannot leave their bed in the night and also thrown down the stairs. 

Above places are considered as the most haunted place in the world and their stories took place in the mind of people. You may opt to go to above historical sites to be the witness of supernatural activities. Ghosts are still there to prove their existence and also convey their message to human being.

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